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Term 2 Junior Development Program: With Term 2 commencing next week we are inviting you to join the program!!! This term will be bigger and better from the outset and with big plans for our kids, it's one you don't want to miss. 󾕉 When: Friday 29th April 2016 (10 week program) 󾔿 Where: HBF Arena Joondalup, Sports Oval 󾭾 Ages: 8-14 years old Last term, through testing and video analysis, we saw incredible improvements in speed, agility, ball control, and awareness from every single individual in our program. In addition, we had a player make the train-on list for the under 13's girls state team, and encouraging improvements in games from the rest of our talented youngsters. We want YOU to be apart of our program, so get in touch with us at 2Hfd to register for the 'Term 2 Junior Development Program'. Contacts: 󾭵Director of Coaching - Dean Pickering: 0434 964 311 󾭵High Performance Manager - Shane Pickering: 0404 635 682 󾭵Admin - Audrie Pickering: 0430 052 194 ▪️ Email: team2Hfd@hotmail.com "Together we build success..." Dean Pickering Shane Pickering

Posted by 2 Halfs Football Development on Friday, 22 April 2016

Encouraging creativity with the ball in a 1v1 situation following some speed ladder work. Fantastic session by the young footballers of 2Hfd tonight ⚽️

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Junior Development 3 Day School Holiday Program!!! • Venue: Joondalup HBF Arena Oval • Date: 11th / 12th / 13th April • Time: 9am - 1pm Daily • Cost: $160 (3 days)This amazing opportunity allows young aspiring footballers to train like the Professionals with fantastic training facilities and expertise these school holiday from 11th-13th April.The football coaching staff, physiotherapist and sport scientists of 2Hfd will introduce players to a range of different training exercises, including injury preventative exercises, speed and agility, ball manipulation, 1v1's, shooting and small-sided games.Also includes: --> Cycling Class --> Swimming (Hydrotherapy - recovery) --> Nutrition and Psychology Seminars --> Advanced techniques, strategies, & methodologies for player development --> Morning tea provided on all 3 days GET IN CONTACT WITH 2Hfd & REGISTER NOWContact us: 󾭵Email: team2Hfd@hotmail.com 󾭵Dean Pickering (Director of Coaching): 0434964311 󾭵Shane (High Performance Manager): 0404635682 󾭵Audrey (Secretary): 0430052194

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Inline Lunge: The inline lunge is 1 of 7 functional movement patterns within the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and apart of our athlete screening here at 2Hfd.It places the lower body in an asymmetrical foot position and challenges the trunk to remain stabilised. The pattern also assesses core stability, thoracic spine limitations and hip, knee, ankle and foot mobility/stability. Overall this basic but informative functional movement pattern presents us with an opportunity to observe functional symmetry because it challenges left and right body patterns. "Together we build success..."2 Halfs Football Development

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Reaction Belt Training:Partnered agility training used for general conditioning or developing evasion and reactive speed. This multidirectional agility exercise enhances the athletes ability to be quick and explosive over the first few yards in response to reading subtle changes in an opponents body position and in turn reacting rapidly to such stimuli. It develops many facets involved in both acceleration and deceleration, important characteristics of top footballers around the world. Competitive one-on-one agility training also benefits neurological adaptation, improves player athleticism, and has a positive impact on injury prevention, as well as minimising rehabilitation time. "Together we build success..." ...2Hfd

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Fast Feet - Passing

Fast feet over a pole with the incorporation of a ball:Our aim in providing our players with such an exercise, along with speed ladder drills, is to develop brain-to-muscle connection (neural stimulation), eccentric strength, lateral foot speed (COD), balance & coordination, stride rate (acceleration), hip, knee and ankle stability, and passing technique and control.A great exercise to not only benefit physiological attributes but incur neural adaptations too.

Posted by 2 Halfs Football Development on Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Daniel has been training with us for a few months now and all his improvements are down to his hard work and commitment. Striving to take his game as far as he can, you can see his drive and passion in his application and effort put into everything we put forward to him."Together we build success..."

Posted by 2 Halfs Football Development on Sunday, 20 March 2016

Nordic Hamstring Lowers:Hamstring strains account for up to 12-16% of injuries in football. Eccentric strength training via Nordic hamstring exercises, combined with a warm-up and stretching, improves eccentric hamstring peak torque and in turn reduces the risk of hamstring strains. We've incorporated Nordic Hamstring Lowers within our injury prevention program in an attempt to increase the playing time of our players this season. "Together we build success..." #injuryprevention #posteriorchain #hamstrings #strengthening #eccentric #training #strengthandconditioning #sportscience #2Hfd

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Voodoo Band Flossing technique performed by Sports Trainer Jason Best on Head of Performance Coach, Shane Pickering. Voodoo Floss Bands are a performance tool used for improving range of motion, restoring joint mechanics, compressing myofascial structures to reduce swelling, and breaking up intramuscular junk for enhanced mobility and re-perfusion of tissues following injury. "Together we build success..."

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Resisted Speed Ladder Training - focusing on foot speed, coordination, balance, power, lateral speed, and multidirectional movement. #speedladdertraining #speedladderdrills #speedtraining #fastfeet #lateralspeed #resistancebands #soccer #football #development #sportscience #strengthandconditioning #2Hfd ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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ANKLE STABILITY:Single Leg Wobble Board Balance w/ Med. Ball Throws - Improves proprioception and strengthens ankle ligaments. #anklestability #wobbleboard #proprioception #balance #rehabilitation #injuryprevention #strengthandconditioning #sportscience #soccer #football #2Hfd ⚽️

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Tough session the other night but with the season around the corner, it's all about those extra yards. Daniel has been with us since day 1 and his hard work is already starting to pay off. Improvements in speed, speed-endurance, foot work, power, overall endurance and continued showing of his great passing range is going to put him in great shape come the first game. "Together we build success..."

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Strive to be the best you can be with 2 Halfs Football Development ⚽️#speedtraining #plyometrics #resistedsprints #reactivespeed #fastfeet #sportsscience #strengthandconditioning #2Hfd "Together we build success..."

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