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Shane Pickering

Head of Performance

Shane is a talented and confident young man who from a young age was committed to playing football.

At an early age Shane developed a talent that was noticed by several local clubs, and at 13 years of age was offered an opportunity to spend six weeks with two English League clubs. This experience motivated Shane to not only train hard, but to study hard too, learning to balance sport, studies and maintain a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

Shane went on to represent Western Australia several times as a youth player before eventually travelling overseas and spending some time with Cambridge United.

Eventually, education brought him back to Perth and he completed his Bachelor of Science (Sports and Football) in November 2015. He is currently completing his Masters by research. Shane has also been a volunteer Practical Sports Scientist at Perth Glory Youth and a Performance Analyst for Melbourne Victory and Perth Glory.


  • Bachelor of Science (Sports and Football)
  • Level 2 Sport Code
  • Junior and Senior Coaching Licence
  • Futsal Coaching Licence
  • Senior First Aid