2 Halfs Football Development

"Together we build success..."


What we do:

Junior Development Programs:

Training young, aspiring footballers in Western Australia.

One-on-One Sessions:

Offering individualised, fully focused, 1-on-1 training to improve game-specific knowledge and skill.

Strength and Conditioning Program:

Applying leading sports science methodologies to enhance athlete performance.

Glute Activation:

A method of injury prevention but also activation technique for the gluteal muscles for the session ahead.

Ball Manipulation Training:

Giving the player's large exposure time and multiple contacts with the ball for the development of ball control and mastery.

Player Profile/Resume Building:

We will gather data, take pictures, monitor development, test and retest, and construct a footballing resume for your child. We want to be apart of your football journey and give you every possible chance.

Speed Development, Agility Training, Enhance Change of Direction Ability, Manufacture Fast Feet:

Training to develop every facet involved in speed, agility and quickness.


We will gather baseline-testing results in speed, power, endurance, agility and more and retest (continually) to track your progress and development.

Qualitative Video Analysis

Using video techniques as a method of feedback and progress tracking.

Core Stability:

Incorporated as part of our injury preventative program.

Speed Training

Development of straight line running speed via parachutes, resistance bands, medicine balls and other top of the range equipment.